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Welcome to CasaCaribe, where we explore the world of natural colours and learn from the plants around us.

Our studio is all about trying out different plant-based colours. Our goal is simple: we want to connect with nature and discover what we can learn from the plants that surround us.

Here, I share my creations, experiments, and show you how to dye fabrics at home using the plants around you.


Join me on this journey as we explore the art of natural dyeing with the resources nature provides.


Laura Estrada Márquez
The Artist.

After I graduated as a fashion designer from La Colegiatura University in Colombia, I wanted to explore different cultures and ways of life.

So, I decided to pursue a Master's degree at DOMUS Academy in Milan, Italy.

Originally, I had planned to stay in Italy for just one year, but I ended up working in various fashion-related jobs for several years. However, during this time, I felt unhappy and stressed in my job.


I realized that I was missing a connection with fabrics, materials, and nature.

Desiring a simpler life in touch with nature, I started trying out different crafts like pottery and papermaking. This journey inspired me to create a YouTube channel to share what I was doing.

While filming a video about "how to dye using avocado skins," I had a revelation: this is my passion! I was truly captivated by natural dyes.


So, I decided to explore this topic more deeply.

My goal is to experiment with and research natural dyes and then share this knowledge to help others learn about this technique.

I want everyone to discover the wonderful world of plant-based colours without any worries, making it accessible to all.

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