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NATURAL DYE with cellulose fabric by CasaCaribe

About this workshop

I understand how it can be stressful when you're just getting started with natural dyeing. Especially where there is a lot of contrasting information online. Your first tries might not turn out as you'd hoped, and it can be annoying to feel like you're wasting your time; It happens to me, when I first started with natural dyes. I found a blog that explained how to obtain a green fabric using spinach, well I just end up frustrated with a grey fabric and wasted valuable food source and time. Do you feel like... -You tried natural dye before, but the colour where pale or disappeared after the first wash. -Every time you read the word mordant you get scared and feel is a difficult process, and you don't find useful information online. -You try to find free information online, but they all contradict each other If you do, this online workshop is for you! This course is completely self-paced, you can access the information at any time without a deadline. Is composed of pre-recorded video lessons. Once registered you will have access to all of the curriculum indefinitely. The price of this online workshop is £45 this is a One time payment.




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