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HOW to Make NATURAL WATERCOLOURS with EGGSHELLS | organic watercolour with food waste.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Easy tutorial on how to make natural watercolours using eggshells, create your own organic paint with food waste from your kitchen and be surprised by the colours that nature can give you.

Sometimes the things that we take for granted are the one that gives us the most beautiful results. Recently I'm been experimenting with different ways of creating natural watercolours, and when I discovered that you can create watercolours with eggshells I was surprised, eggshells are something that I normally throw in the compost bin

...Sometimes the things that we take for granted are the one that gives us the most beautiful results.

How to create natural watercolours with eggshells

You are going to need:

  • Four of five white eggshells ( you can also use brown eggs, the final colour is going to be a little different)

  • A mortar and pestle

  • A muller glass and flat glass

  • A spatula

  • Two drops of Gum arabic

  • Two drops of water

  • One drop of Honey or glycerin

  • One drop of clove oil

Make watercolours with eggshells.

1. First, we have to clean the eggshells with cold water, and try to remove the inner layer of the eggshells ( the transparent membrane that some eggs have)

2. Then, brake the eggshells into small pieces and put them inside the mortar, with the pestle crush them until you have small pieces. ( is important to use a facemask when crushing the eggshells to avoid breathing the fine powder)

3. Continue to crush the eggshells until all the eggshells are pulverized.

4. Put a small amount of the pulverized eggshells on a glass, add the gum arabic, the water and the honey and mix with a spatula.

5. Take the glass muller and mix the paste until you have a homogeneous compound.

6. Put the mix on a flat surface or in a half pan and let it dry for at least two days.

7. Once is dried, use it like regular watercolours. Add a drop of water with a brush and mix to dissolve the watercolours.

Making watercolours with eggshells is really simple but the results are beautiful, it makes you wonder, how many other things have in our kitchen that can give us colours.


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