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NATURAL DYES, list of suppliers around the world.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Feeling overwhelmed because you want to start dyeing with natural colour but don't know where to buy mordants, dyestuff and others, don't worry here is a list of where to buy all the products that you need to start your natural dye journey.

This is a list that I created with some suppliers around the world, if you know a supplier in your country, please send me an email to

By doing this you are going to help to expand this list and help other people around the world to experiment with the beauty of natural colours.


  • The Mazi ( they are located in Turkey but deliver to Europe)

  • Lana y telar


I live in England and most of the products that I use are from Wild colours.

  • Wild Colors:

  • George Weil


  • United States of America

Botanical colors

A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland, California, USA.

  • Canada


The Love of Colour

  • Argentina


  • Uruguay




You can search for the product that you need, like potassium alum or ferrous sulphate.


Do you know a supplier in Africa? please write to me at


Do you know a supplier in Oceania? please write to me at

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