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Why NATURAL DYE? My personal choice.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Many people choose to start using natural dyes for various reasons.

In my case, it was a decision to live more in tune with nature. My journey into natural dyeing is relatively recent, but the truth is, it was something I always enjoyed doing.

I graduated as a Fashion Designer five years ago in my hometown of Medellín, Colombia. During my college years, what I loved the most was finding fabrics, experimenting with dyes, and playing with different colour combinations. I used to have a big pot and a box full of powdered colours( synthetic) that I used every day to dye the things I made.

After graduating, I moved to Italy to pursue a Master's in Fashion Styling in Milan. It was supposed to be a one-year plan but turned into five years of working in different areas of the fashion industry. No matter where I worked, I always felt like something was missing – a connection with materials, with nature, and with the joy of creating things with my hands.

Plus, I felt guilty working in an industry that's known for polluting the environment.

So, I did something that might seem impulsive but felt right for my creative soul: I quit my job and went on a journey to find my true passion. I explored pottery, candle-making, and even started a YouTube channel, among other things. Then, one day, while making a video for my channel, I had a moment of inspiration.

The feel of the fabric, the connection with nature, the sense of sustainability and the slowness of the process made me fall in love with natural dyeing. I decided to dust off what I had learned in college about dyeing and learn more about using natural dyes.

Later, I created this platform to have conversations about natural dyeing and share my passion and knowledge with anyone interested in botanical colours, no matter why they started.

My main goal is to connect with nature and explore the world of natural colours. Now, let me ask you: What made you want to learn about natural dyeing?


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