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Ecoprint with flowers from my garden; Marigold and coreopsis flower | Natural dye | Botanical colour

Ecoprint with Flowers is an eco-friendly and sustainable method of transferring the intricate shapes and pigments of flowers onto fabric, resulting in unique and enchanting designs.

Silk shirt  ecoprinted with flowers
Silk shirt ecoprinted with flowers

It is summer where I live; I see flowers in full bloom everywhere.

It is such a magnific time of the year; Sometimes I will like to catch the warm colours of summer and wear them during winter.

Have you ever felt the same? Have you ever wondered how to capture the colourful beauty of summer flowers onto fabric?

If you have, then this is the perfect technique for you.

detail of a coreopsis flowers ecoprinted on a silk fabric

How to create ECOPRINTS with Flowers

You are going to need:

  • Natural fabric, like cotton or linen

  • Flowers ( I used marigolds and coreopsis)

  • String or rubber bands to tightly tie the bundle.

  • A pot and a heating hop

let's get started!

1. First, you need to gather an assortment of fresh flowers and leaves. Choose ones with vibrant colours and interesting shapes. Not all the flowers will give you colour but is fun to experiment with.

Please remember to search online about the safety of the plant you are going to use( some flowers and leaves are toxic)

2. Next, prepare your fabric by cleaning the fabric and mordanting the fibre

(check here how to mordant cellulose fabric) This will help to fix the dyes and enhance the colour transfer. If you don't want to mordant the fabric you can use a fabric made with natural silk.

3. Lay the wet fabric flat on a surface and arrange your floral specimens on top. Be creative and experiment with different arrangements! Once you're happy with the design, put a plastic fill on top of the flowers and carefully fold the fabric to sandwich the flowers inside.

4. Now, it's time to secure everything in place. Use string or rubber bands to tightly tie the bundle. This ensures that the flowers won't shift during the process.

5. Finally, gently place the bundle into a large steaming pot and add a little bit of water. Steam the fabric for 30 minutes. The heat and moisture will reveal the natural pigments from the flowers, creating stunning imprints on the fabric.

After the 30 minutes is up let the fabric cool in the pot. when is cold carefully unwrap your fabric masterpiece to reveal the intricate patterns left by the flowers. Rinse it gently to remove any excess dye, and then let it air dry.

Voila! You've just created a unique and eco-friendly piece of art using flowers and fabric. Isn't it amazing how nature can inspire such creativity?

You caught the beauty of summer in fabric.

Silk shirt  ecoprinted with flowers


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