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BUNDLE DYE with NATURAL COLOURS | Personalized a Furoshiki using food waste | Wrapping gift ideas

I'm going to show you how I personalized a Furoshiki using food waste with the bundle natural dyeing technique.

My family is really big, just from my mother I have 15 aunts and uncles and 39 cousins; Every Christmas, my mom used to gift everyone a little present.

So when it comes to wrapping the gifts we used a lot of wrapping paper, I remember one year my mom bought a big roll of brown craft paper (like the one you get inside the box when ordering on Amazon).

That year we pack our present using this paper, but to give it a little bit of love, we personalized it with paint and markers. The roll was so long that we continued to use it for several years, and every year we personalized this paper differently.

The best part of this story is that everyone in the family knows that our gifts were the one in the brown paper and were very excited to see how we personalize the craft paper every year.

Remembering this story, I started to think of a way that my gift can be pack different, more personalized.

So I focus my interest in Furoshiki, Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth or fabric used in Japan for gift wrapping and transporting items.

I decided to make a Furoshiki, using the bundle natural dye technique to give it a more personalized sense.

I started by choosing a colours palet, for each one on the Furoshiki.

Then I place my dyestuff on the pre-treat- fabric; You can place them randomly or following a pattern ( click here to learn how to pre-treat the fabric)

I Roll the fabric using a stick and then with a string tie it well.

I steam the fabric bundle for an hour

After one hour, I open the fabric to see the magic!

the last thing left to do is wash the fabric to remove the excess of dyestuff and let it dry.

Now is ready to pack all your gift using the furoshiki technic.

Check this infographic to learn how to do it.


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